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Welcome to the Vinzentinum

The Vinzentinum in Brixen (South Tyrol) is a state-recognized German language school run by the diocese Bozen-Brixen.

It was founded as a minor seminary in 1872 by Prince-Bishop Vinzenz Gasser and subsequently named after him following his death in 1879.

The Vinzentinum offers a middle school with standard curriculum and a humanist high school. In addition, the middle school offers a focus on music. The school offers both boarding and day attendance for girls and boys.

Currently, in the academic year 2016/2017, 279 pupils attend the Vinzentinum. They are looked after by 31 teachers and ten tutors.


During summer holidays the Vinzentinum opens up its gates. Up to 180 guests can be accommodated in the students’ rooms. Guests can choose bed and breakfast, half board or full board. Sports and youth groups may also use the campus facilities, the gymnasium and various other leisure spaces. Music groups have classrooms and pianos at their disposal. Individual guest are also welcome to choose the Vinzentinum as their base for a holiday in South Tyrol.

If the internal usage allows, the premises and campus facilities of the Vinzentinum can also be rented throughout the academic year. Not only is the magnificent Parzival hall the perfect venue for concerts, presentations and performances of any kind, but it likewise perfectly hosts family, business and wedding celebrations. The campus can also be used for festivities and various other events. Moreover, the premises of the Vinzentinum can be used for seminars, training and education courses.


Vinzentinum administration
Brennerstraße 37
I-39042 Brixen (BZ)
+39 0472 821605
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